Squid Ink UV LED Curing System

The Squid UV LED Curing System offers a stable and efficient way to cure ink. This curing system works in various commercial and industrial applications, from automotive products to electronics. It also offers several advantages over other curing systems, including:

  • Single head curing area of 20mm x 80mm
  • Dual head curing area of 40mm x 80mm or 20mm x 160mm
  • Instant on/Instant off curing
  • 20,000+ hour illumination run time to reduce costs associated with lamp replacement
  • Small size footprint allows for easy integration on existing conveyor lines
  • Increased production rates by eliminating lengthy dry times

A touchscreen interface makes adjustments simple, and standard bracketry allows the Squid UV LED to mount directly to your existing manufacturing line. With reliable curing capabilities on coated cartons, plastics, metals, foils, film, rubber, and more, the Squid UV LED is the right choice for your company’s curing needs.