Squid Ink Viper™ Thermal Inkjet Printer

The Squid Ink Viper™ Thermal Inkjet Printer offers users superior coding capabilities at an affordable price. The system utilizes Funai® technology to print hi-resolution characters, text, scannable bar codes, and logos at 600 dpi. The Viper has numerous advantages over other printing systems, including:

  • Quick-change Funai® no-mess ink cartridges to maximize production and minimize downtime
  • Print speeds up to 197 fpm (60 m/min) at 300 dpi standard and up to 787 fpm (240 m/min) at 300 dpi optional
  • Prints on both porous and nonporous surfaces
  • Adjustable mounting bracket allows for quick installation
  • User-friendly software on a touchscreen display

An 8.9” full-color touchscreen interface (preloaded with Sirius software and Windows 10 OS) allows users to create and edit messages in real-time. Hi-resolution printing capabilities on wood, coated and uncoated corrugate, polystyrene, films, foils, and more make the Squid Ink Viper™ the go-to choice for coding and marking needs.