300 Bagging Machine

Model T-300 is Advanced Poly’s top-of-the-line Tabletop bagger. The Tabletop Bagger is equipped with many standard features including our independent action sealing for perfect seals and a user-friendly, self-diagnostic touch screen/PLC program. With the longest warranty on the market, this tabletop bagger is designed with the highest quality off-the-shelf components. Configured to package a wide variety of products, the bagger is a great solution for bagging medical, pharmaceutical, hardware, automotive, promotional, laundry, craft, jewelry, and food products. (Manufactured under the following Patents: 6,145,273, 5,687,545, 5,568,718, 4,899,520, Re. 321,963).

Standard Features:

  • Job save/recall recipe management with a USB backup
  • Uptime/Downtime reporting with detailed downtime indicators
  • Auxiliary communications with networking capability
  • Preset, totalizing and maintenance counters
  • Point of use water filter to remove 99.9% of the water from airlines Our smallest, fully automatic bagger offers increased production capabilities. We pack a lot of features into this bagger, including touch-screen operation, “pop-up” messaging, job save/recall and interface to auto infeed equipment. Automatic indexing, sealing, tear-off, or continuous strips of bags are possible. An adjustable cart is available.