275 Bagging Machine

Model T-275 is one of Advanced Poly’s simplest bagging systems which provides for bagging 10 times faster than hand loading individual bags. The Tabletop Bagger is equipped with many standard features including our independent action sealing for perfect seals and a user-friendly, self-diagnostic touch screen/PLC program. Designed with the highest quality off-the-shelf components, it can be configured to package a wide variety of products. The bagger is a great solution for the bagging medical, pharmaceutical, hardware, automotive, promotional, craft, or jewelry products. (Manufactured under the following Patents: 6,145,273, 5,687,545, 5,568,718, 4,899,520, Re. 321,963).

Standard Features:

  • Job save/recall recipe management with a USB backup
  • Uptime/Downtime reporting with detailed downtime indicators
  • Auxiliary communications with networking capability
  • Preset, totalizing and maintenance counters
  • Point of use water filter to remove 99.9% of the water from airlines The T-275


Automatic Tabletop Bagger offers increased packaging speed and further automation. The T-275 Automatic Tabletop Bagger automatically and quickly feeds the bag into the loading/sealing position and blows it open making the bag ready to accept the product. So just insert the product and press the guard-switch or footswitch to seal the bag and feed another into position. Digital controls indicate Auto (Paced Rate) or Manual (Foot-switch or Guard-Switch) cycle operation. Total Cycle Counter with Reset, Seal Time, Fill Time Delay, and Seal Point. Setpoints are saved and automatically recalled when power is shut off. Solid, constant heat seal bar with temperature adjusted through and easy to use temperature controller. Patented PTFE Shield increases PTFE life tenfold. Because the PTFE only contacts the heater bar while sealing, the PTFE remains clean with less opportunity to burn. “Guard Switch” Operation – Cycles the machine at the loading area to minimize operator movements, decrease operator fatigue, and increase output. The patented anti-jamming method detects seal obstructions and reverses seal bar. Universal adjustable funnel included. Air knife quickly opens the bag with filtered air. Adjustable support provided for heavier products. Easy threading – pull the bags off the roll and through the pinch rollers with no rollers to thread through.